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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

A thought
daily life
Mother came home from her short trip. It’s good to have supper and talk with her again though I somewhat miss the quiet time when I’m alone at home and can do anything by just my own pace XD

A sunny day
A national holiday. It’s wonderfully fine. My friend is coming here in the afternoon so I cleaned rooms, put flowers in a vase, cooked something for the supper. Tako is relaxed under the sofa. In the garden cat is also relaxing on the grass. A peaceful day, thankfully!

A gecko on my hand
This morning I wiped a shelf which is high up on the wall of washroom and happened to surprise a gecko which was on the shelf. It dropped onto the sink so I picked it up on my hand.

I don’t mind a gecko in my house but was afraid that it might not be able to find much food (small insects)inside, so I let it go outside of the house. But I’m a bit afraid I shouldn’t do that - if it might be going to hibernate or waiting for it’s death in warm place, then I should let it be in where I have found it.

When it’s on my hand I could feel it’s tiny tiny beating, it was wonderful to feel the life of such small creature. Now I just hope it will survive and come into my house again in spring.

A Saturday in autumn
Autumn day with sometimes mild sunshine and sometimes clouds, and the air is fresh and comfortable. Mother has been out for a short trip with friends so I’m alone at home with Tako. I washed clothes, painted waterproof coating on the wooden wall of the bathroom, picked some persimmon fruits from the trees in my garden. And enjoyed reading from time to time. A quiet, nice autumn day. In the garden I found the chrysanthemum began to bloom.

The autumn melancholy
Now we have the nicest weather here, have had sunny days since Wednesday, the air is fresh, the temperature is rather low but with mild sunshine during the daytime we don’t feel chilly. I met the old friend Wednesday afternoon, ate out with other friends after work yesterday.

But unfortunately, I have felt rather depressed recently, cannot enjoy these eating out enough. Pity. In this time of year - when time runs into the end of year, and the temperature becomes lower, I often feel blue. Also, many sad or unreasonable news on TV, newspaper, or internet depresses me. Especially the burning down of whole Shuri castle in Okinawa(yesterday morning) saddened me a lot. I have no particular relationship with Okinawa, never visited the castle. Still I know that restored castle (originally the palace of Ryukyu kingdom, and destroyed during WW2) was the symbol of the history and culture of Okinawa, and the result of great effort and traditional workmanship, and very important place for people of Okinawa which has so much suffered from the annexation by old Japan and then US occupation after the last war(Okinawa is now part of Japan but originally they have totally different culture and background from ours).
Also, I’m afraid that one of the reasons of my depression might be unhealthy meals - recently I have eaten too much sweet thing - so today on lunchtime I ate out in a Japanese restaurant to have grilled fish, rice and miso-soup(traditional cuisine). X) I hope this would work...

meeting an old friend
This afternoon I took a half day off from the office to see my old friend. She and I have exchanged letters for over 30 years but have not met for the last 25 years or more. She has lived in various cities for her husband’s job, and last April moved into Yokohama.
Our conversation was rather clumsy for our lives are so different still we have had good hours. It’s sunny and warm today, we strolled around near the port then in a smart shopping area, had nice cups of coffee and sweet thing in a nice cafe, then enjoyed very nice supper in a small restaurant :) So this was a good afternoon... except I ate too much XD

(In a cafe)

(Wonderful supper, taste really good. We wanted to eat pasta but too full to order one more dish X)

A chilly day
Tuesday. It’s chilly, raining, gloomy day. It’s rather dark when I woke up, it’s not easy to get up and prepare to leave for the office X) I was going to take a half day off in the afternoon to see my old friend who has recently moved to Yokohama. But the weather forecast has said it would be rain on Tuesday since the last weekend we decided to meet on the next day. Fortunately they say from tomorrow we’ll have some sunny nice days, I’m expecting to see the friend and enjoy some walking near the port tomorrow afternoon. Now I’m in the office - on lunchtime -, look out of the window to find the grey sky and wet road and buildings... really gloomy day but with the hope of sunny autumn Wednesdays :)

Cancelled outing
Today I was going to visit the local zoo with a friend. It is a big zoo with many places to stroll around, our purpose was not only seeing the animals but enjoying walking and talking. So this morning I woke up early and packed some food into my bag, changed and done makeup. I was going to leave my house at 9:00. Then about quarter to 9 my friend send a message to my mobile to say she felt quite sick and wanted to cancel the outing. Well... what could I tell her other than “don’t mind, please take care!”?
But I was really disappointed. Today it’s slightly cloudy but sometimes sunny, the air was fresh so the best condition to walk around in a big park. I didn’t want to visit the crowded zoo by myself so I stayed at home, done some cleaning and other housework. So I didn’t waste the time still I rather feel my weekend was quite spoilt :(

Meanwhile on the verandah...

... cat likes to sit on something X)
(She is on a dustcloth XD )

Today again I’ve felt blue in the office. But not because of the job stress. I don’t know why but I have had stomach ache for hours, not very severe but all afternoon. This made me feel quite uneasy and rather blue :( Does this mean I’ve eaten too much recently??? X(

A junk food lunch
daily life
Usually I bring a packed lunch to the office. When I don’t have time nor energy to prepare the lunch, or when there is not suitable food in refrigerator I eat out or buy sandwich or something.
There are some co-workers who eat cup noodle. Cup noodle is one of the popular junk food, clearly not good for the health, and I seldom eat it. But it’s cheap and easy so on lunchtime many workers (mostly young ones) put boiled water in the cups in the office kitchenette, and at least they smell good.
Today I didn’t bring a packed lunch so decided to try a cup noodle! It’s quite rare for me to eat this kind of thing so I’ve rather expected how it would taste XD

Well... it’s not bad. At least its soup was hot and tasty. Maybe in winter, and maybe once for 2 or 3 years... this junk food lunch might be good X)