katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

bunny girl !

Yesterday, after work, I and my co-worker had dinner with an acquaintance, a chairman of some small company I have worked with for years. He invited us to a kind of club restaurant he belongs to, its waitress was what are called "bunny girl", wearing the sexy bodice, bunny ears, a collar, cuffs and fluffy tail !!

Many years -I think about 20 years - ago I have been taken to the same restaurant by the superior so I knew the place, but I have no idea such kind of place can still exist. Their interior decoration is gorgeous and they serve good food, but I felt that their nice food and the waitress in a swimwear-like costume, showing their scarlet lips, white cleavage and buttock in fishnet stockings make big mismatch, and those beautiful bunnies look ... very old-style. Most of the customers were men in business suits, it's almost amazing they can feel relax serving by those girls.

Anyway, we were so eager in talking about our job that none of us took a glimpse of the bunnies, I think. And our conversation was really fruitful XD
Tags: daily life

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