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girl in Oxford

On today's lunch I was eating out with my co-worker. He is 3 or 4 years older than me but we share the liking for the travel, so I often enjoy talking with him. After I told him about my last trip to Palau and the next I'm now planning he said "I have a news too. My daughter is now in Oxford, England!"

His daughter is about 15 years old, I think. She is now on the spring vacation of her school and joining a kind of "studying abroad program for students"trip for 2 weeks. With no children I have little knowledge about how are the lives of today's students, he said it's very popular now for parents to let their children experience the life in foreign countries. (He is an ordinary office worker like myself but I know he is from a rather rich family so I understood what he meant was "popular for wealthy parents" XD)

Anyway, what a lucky girl his daughter is! In Oxford she lives with local family with other participant, goes to the English class on weekday. Just 2 weeks stay would not improve her English skill much but it must be a very impressive experience for a young girl.
Studying abroad just 2 weeks might not be real studying, maybe just for broadening experience and such travel looks to me rather too luxurious for a mere high-school student. But among those students there might be the future diplomat, politician, who knows, they could become playing active parts in foreign countries. So maybe this luxury is something essential... hopefully.
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