katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

at the lecture

Today we had a kind of lecture in our office. In a big meeting room a professor from the famous university told about our industry for some 90 minutes and all the employees had to be there. It started at 1:30pm, just after the lunchtime so I was afraid that I might become sleepy X(
Yes, at first I was half asleep XD, but fortunately his lecture was interesting and I could enjoy listening to it. But some of the co-workers, sitting just behind me seemed to find it's boring and they were whispered and chuckled, it's really irritating.
I didn't care if they were sleeping. Just sleeping does no harm to other audience though it's impolite to the lecturer, anyone tend to do so in the early afternoon. But such talking in low voices troubles other people, they must know it ...if they had the slightest common sense.
I think this kind of bad attitude is from the lack of home training maybe? Unlikely it depends on their cleverness or scholastic ability.
It's a vain to blame those rude people, I just want I'd never become like them...
Tags: daily life

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