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Palau holiday - 3. A boat tour.

In Palau, on the day after the Cessna flight we joined one day tour by boat which visits the southern part of the Palau archipelago.

It was great to go on water on a small boat among many small islands.

The colour of water and greens were wonderful!! I have never tired of looking at them.

We enjoyed snorkelling at "Big Drop-Off", one of the most famous diving spot in Palau. In this photo the depth of the part with pale blue is about 3 meters and in the deep blue part it is about 600 meters, I heard. On this steep cliff underwater there lived countless coral and fish, it's just wonderful!!!

The real view was 100 times more beautiful!! We were snorkelling therefore just under the surface of water but we saw many divers far deep under us. I wondered what kind of animals they could see at the 30 or 50 meters depth.

And we landed on a small island for lunch.

This dog seemed really relaxing...

I enjoyed walking in the jungle on the island. The colour of greens was wonderful.

After the lunch we visited The Long Beach, long white beach which appears only on ebb tide in the midst of water, which we'd seen from the flight the day before.

Look at how clear the water is here!!!

This boat tour was really a highlight of our holiday, we really really enjoyed. It's a wonderful stay :D

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