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earthquake, and...

Last night, around 9:00pm, there was an earthquake. In my town Yokohama it's not much big and long though made us a bit nervous. Here in Japan we are all so accustomed to slight earthquakes that they seldom surprise us, still the frequency of them after the massive one on 3.11 last year has frightened us very much. Because we all know that we would inevitably have the big earthquake in Tokyo area sooner or later.

Despite the knowledge of that inevitability we tend to think like "well... maybe it would happen in FAR future... at least not in this year " and put off the measures we should make to protect ourselves from the disasters. Yeah... the weakness of us human beings, we've spent many years like this. The disaster last year has crushed this illusion still we don't know well how & what to do first.
As for me, we live in a old wooden house and it obviously needs some reinforcement work or maybe rebuilding. And it has been a big dream for me to build a nice house, all to my taste, in which I can live for the rest of my life safely & comfortably and I have saved money for the dream since when I began to work. So... I should think of "the rebuilding plan" seriously now.
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