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Palau holiday - 2. The view from the light aircraft.

Unlike other nearby resort islands Palau is not a one big island but a group of small islands, its islands formation looks complicated and beautiful, we can see the photos of it on the advertisement brochures or the posters put in the travel agencies.

We took sightseeing flight with Cessna, a small aircraft, the crew was just 3 - the pilot, I and my friend. They had removed the door from the craft so we could enjoy the view underfoot. It was just wonderful!! The shape of islands, inlet, beaches, hills and small lakes, the colour of the ocean and greens, and the invigorating feeling of flight! It was just 30 minutes flight but we really enjoyed it ...though I got airsick X(
We have hesitated about reserving the flight for it was rather expensive but we can admit it's well worth the money :)

(It was a bit cloudy day but the sea colour was beautiful)

(the colour of green was also wonderful!)

("The long beach", one of the most famous and most beautiful spot in Palau. A long white beach appears only on the ebb tide)

(It must be wonderful to sail on such water!)

(the panorama of Koror, the biggest town in Palau)
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