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Palau holiday - 1. Relax in the nice hotel.

Most of my English-speaking friends might not know where and what kind of place Palau is, but if you search for "Palau, image" on internet you'll see the most beautiful photos of blue sea, white beach and green islands. Republic of Palau is a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, east of Philippines. With its richest marine environment Palau is very popular with scuba divers, even for an ordinary tourist who doesn't scuba it's the wonderful travel destination though it's not a place with modern convenience.

My friend Mariko and I have visited there by direct flight from Tokyo (it took about 4 hours and half), stayed in a nice hotel for 5 days. The quiet & beautiful beach in front of the hotel is the ideal spot for snorkeling, we could see countless colourful, humorous fish and many giant clams, we have never tired of going into the water.

The hotel rooms were cottage-type, not in a big building, in the garden there were many colourful flowers which entertained our eyes very much. During our stay the weather was not perfect, sometimes cloudy and sometimes shower but we didn't care for we've spent most of the day time in our swimwear.

Both of us had spent busy or stressful days in our office before this holiday so our purpose was, at first, to relax and be easy & idle XD

And we have actually been so, and at present I have a slight difficulty to back to the daily routine (and I'm sure Mariko would have the same problem now!!)
Tags: travel/going out

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