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raining Monday

It is raining today. Not a shower, real rain! My mother has a party of the Haiku-poem club she belongs to today, she has planned to wear her Kimono(traditional dress) but with this weather she had to give it up and went out in ordinary suit (Kimono is made of silk & very delicate, being soaked will destroy it). She was very disappointed for she has been looking forward to joining the event in her Kimono. Sorry for her.

As for me, today I'm going to Palau (an Micronesian island) for my short holiday, everything's packed, I'll leave here early in this afternoon. And despite the fact I'll visit an island of eternal summer at present I feel cold in my air-conditioned room because of the noisy rain outside and wetness. Even Mr.Uma seems to feel blue, he is curling into a ball under the table and looks being depressed.

And I noticed that this... recent unsuitable melancholy is not because of the weather, one of the reasons - maybe the biggest reason is the disaster last year. Now the first anniversary of the tragedy 3/11 is approaching, we see many articles and programs on newspaper, internet and TV which remind us the deep feeling we had on and after the day of the catastrophe. Even for us, who have had no direct damage at all from the disaster, that feeling of loss was so great that it has remained as a sort of trauma deep down at our heart and influences us.
Of course we must overcome such feeling to go on, not to forget it but to live with it. So... maybe it's not a bad idea to have a holiday right now. Going to the foreign land not to escape from the memory and the problems but to remember and think about them calmly.
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection, thought, travel/going out

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