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job, and memories

Yesterday I had a meeting about my job with my former and current bosses. The new boss has clearly turned out to be irresponsible and dull man but the former boss promised me that he would get the permission by directors to use money for the job maybe next week.. I'm not sure his effort would bear fruit but at least this was a kind of progress. And it may be good to know now that I could not rely on the current boss, I would proceed with this new project by myself anyway, well... maybe I'll be able to find help from other people I know.

So, today, I was trying to make farther plan about it. But after the lunchtime when I talked with my co-worker about the places I had visited on my foreign travels the images of those beautiful places have not left my mind and distracted me, so... in the afternoon I went to the nearby park as I did before. Today the weather was fine but it's very cold, the weather forecast said we would have some snow in the night. I wore my coat and scarf then brought the papers and pen, and the cool air made my head a bit clearer :)

But, well... as for the memories of my travels, I told my co-worker about the southern islands I had been before. Palau, Fiji, Hawaii and Samoa. I believe not many people have been to Samoa for it's not much popular or convenient travel destination, but its beauty was beyond words! The colours of the ocean, greens, flowers, and its friendly people... it was a paradise for me. I've been there for four times, and my first visit there was actually the first foreign travel by myself in my twenties. I had wanted to go there for 10 years because it's the place my favorite author had lived his last years about 100 years ago.

Anyway, such vivid memories are not welcomed during the working time XD
This afternoon I was in a curious mixture of the positive job plan, feeling of nostalgia and sweet memories.
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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