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weight of life

1 year has passed after the Christchurch Earthquake which killed 185 people.
Many Japanese have the keen interest in this disaster for New Zealand is a very popular country as a travel destination, and also for 28 among the dead were Japanese. I remember how frequently TV news have reported about it last year especially about the "missing" Japanese in the collapsed building (all the bodies were found and identified within about 2 months -fortunately, should I say?) - it's really pity that they were all young people studying English, must have had dreams working abroad. And of course none of us had the slightest idea then that we ourselves would have far massive disasters in our country next month. Maybe in my mind the Christchurch Earthquake would be connected with the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of 11th March all the time in future, they teach us the fragilness and unreliability of our life.

Just recently I heard the news of the death of one of our co-workers. He belonged to the different section from mine, I had met or talked with him just 2 or 3 times so I feel no special grief personally. But I heard he was 48 years old, not much older than myself, and it's always sad to die in the prime of his life like this. I don't know what killed him, it might be an accident, cancer or something.... anyway, obviously nobody have foreseen such young death.

But we could die anytime, all of us, and nobody knows when is the time. Accidents and disasters happen all the time and might claim our life. So what we can do, and have to do is just try to live as best as possible.
If I die tomorrow ...are there any regret? Yes, unfortunately, plenty. And I know I have to live not like this but more... vividly, to the utmost of my ability or, not wasting my time and talent(if I have any).
The lost, precious life make me think of my own life, and it's not easy to think about it.
Tags: disaster & resurrection, thought

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