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never give up...

I read the heartbreaking news today. In Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture, one of the places where they had the severest damage from the Tsunami on 11 March 2011, they pumped some extent of the local river dry to find the missing bodies. Near the river there was an elementary school, and on that fatal day 70 students of all 108 were killed and still 4 students and 1 teacher are missing. If they'd find the bodies... they must have been in horrible state, still it's totally understandable that the parents are keen to find their children to let them rest in peace.
Now, 11 months after the disaster we don't see much information about the damaged area on newspaper or internet, people are more interested in the nuke crisis for it's more emergent problem for most of the Japanese citizens. But for the people who lost their families, the earthquake & tsunami have never ended, at least until they bury them properly and peacefully.
I hope they'd find the children in the river...
Tags: disaster & resurrection

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