katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

distracting smell

I think the atmosphere of our office is peaceful and rather casual, so even during the working hours we can eat snacks. And we eat mostly small things with little smell like cookies or chocolate.

But some co-workers belong to our neighbouring team like eating rice crackers. Eating rice crackers is inevitably accompanied by the noise - crunch-crunch-crunch!! - and strong smell - most of rice crackers are grilled after being seasoned with soy sauce... so you can imagine, it's an appetizing smell when we are hungry, but ON office hours it's really distracting ! I can't imagine why their team leader allow them eat rice crackers... they are cheap and popular snacks, I like them too, but I can't say they are the decent snacks in the office.

But it's not easy to tell them to stop eating when they are enjoying, nobody want to make an awkward atmosphere. Therefore nobody told anything about it... or nobody except me do mind that strong smell? Yes... coffee or some kind of tea also have strong smell but no problem, so why just rice cracker is the problem??
I don't know, I can just say I don't like smelling rice cracker when I work! X(

(afternoon sunlight on the building in which I work....)
Tags: daily life

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