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My weekend :)

On the weekend of 4th and 5th Feb I made an overnight trip to Izu-kogen with my friend. It's a popular resort area which has beautiful coast lines, many hot springs, small mountain and comfortable residential area on hillside where many summer houses and small hotels stand in. Not too far from big cities like Tokyo and Yokohama, and with the direct express trains many people visit there on weekends.

We arrived there around noon on Saturday, first we made a short walk to the nearby coast. It was a bright day and the colours of the ocean was marvelous. Then we went to our lodging.

The purpose of our trip was "to relax" so we booked a nice small hotel in the quiet residential area, it has hot spring and beauty treatment room and just four guest rooms. Ours was the best room which has a private open-air bath on its small terrace, we could enjoy the view of the sea or stars in night as we soaked in hot water.

(Our room. Outside of the door was a small terrace with open-air bath.
The right one is the photo of the public bath of the hotel, many apples floating on the hot water. nice smell!)

And their food was great, we ate many local produced fish and vegetables. The problem is they served TOO MANY dishes (the photos are not all they served!!) I couldn't even touch the last dish (and of course it looked so delicious!)...
The landlady was a sunny woman, we enjoyed our stay very much.

On the second day(Sunday) we visited the kind of theme park which had a big greenhouses of cactuses and kept many animals -mostly birds and small animals. Some of my LJ friends might remember that I have once put the photo of capybaras enjoying the hot spring here, that photo was taken in this park. Seeing those capybaras was our second purpose of this short trip, and we really enjoyed to see them, they are so cute and humorous!

I also loved to see many bird, one friendly pelican enjoyed to pick my sleeve while we were taking the pictures near it!

Thus we enjoyed our weekend trip very much.
I love traveling abroad but this kind of short domestic trip is also fun!
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