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A fine but freezing day, the temperature was low all day. They say that this is the coldest winter during the last 26 years. In our area fortunately the weather has been good for weeks (though too dry air caused flu and fire) but in the northern provinces gigantic amount of snow caused some serious and countless smaller accidents, more than 10 people have been killed. And I really worry about the harvest of farm products.

And... in such cold season what I can think of is just 2 things...
1. I'd like to visit the spa to relax.
2. I'd like to visit the beach resort to relax.

Fortunately this year I'll visit both! This weekend I'll go to some hot spring in Izu-kougen with my best friend, Izu-kougen is about 2 hours train ride from Yokohama, very popular destination of the weekend trips. We'll stay in a small hotel which has the open- air bath. Soaking in hot open-air bath in cold night - and looking up stars from it - is really luxury. I'm looking forward to the weekend!
Then in March I'll go to the Palau Islands, Micronesia with a friend. We got the air tickets and booked hotel room, now we are talking about what to do there :D

Last winter too, I and 2 friends were planning the trip to some beach resort, and it was when we were trying to find the good date for all of us that the... disaster happened on 3/11, my money for the supposed trip went to the Red Cross. Now even after almost I year I have not a little feeling of guilt about enjoying the holiday when many people are still seriously suffering, but spending money would be also important for the national economy... it's my excuse.
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