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The end of January and the beginning of February is clearly the coldest season here, still the bitter cold of this winter is unusually severe. Brrrr...
Every morning I went out to work wearing the long wool coat and scarf, once my friend has told me that I looked like Hemlen (in Moomin series) in them XD

Because of this low temperature the prices of vegetables have remained high ... I don't want to think of the money I have spent for Mr.Uma's dinner during the last few weeks! X(

Fortunately inside of the house or office we have enough heating but I often worry about it's appropriate or not to use such energy to stay warm. It seems quite reasonable to have heating in severe winter but when I was a child it's colder than nowadays even inside of the house and we could manage enough with warm clothes and hot food. Sometimes we children had light chilblains on our fingers but it was quite normal and no serious problem at all.
But now sometimes people wear short sleeves shirt and miniskirt on the floor heating, to me it seems really stupid and waste of energy, not normal at all...
So I myself keep the heating at rather low temperature in my rooms, wear wool sweater and leg warmers and feel no inconvenience. ...Though I'm not sure how Mr.Uma feel about it, who mostly carls into a ball to keep himself warm :P
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