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Office stress

One of the executives of the company I work for, Mr.H has taken the lead in the whole company for years, and for he is originally from the accounting department he attaches greater importance to the finance than to any other things. It's OK, undoubtedly money is very important for the business. H seems to be very good at reduction of expenses but terrible at how to use money, he seldom permit the departments to invest money in the new projects therefore during the last few years serious feeling of frustration and hatred have spread all over the company. Though many excellent workers are doing many good jobs I can't say the whole mood of our company is great, many workers (especially smart workers) are worrying about the future of our business very seriously. Without new challenges how can a company develop? H is a smart man, but he never sees what he doesn't want to know, and it's maybe because they are the things he isn't good at or he can't understand. I doubt he might know in the deep of his heart that he is not as clever as he wants to believe, therefore never can trust his subordinates...

I have no interests in the personality of this clever and stupid H, but the problem is that he of course has no understanding of the communication media.

I have made countless brochures, pamphlets, posters, videos and other media of communication for the customers and employees for many years, and what I know is that if you want to tell someone something, want to appeal to someone for something then you need more than just your sincerity. You need the proper words, the things which shows your earnestness, the data which can persuades the other people...the tools for communication.
To find friends, get the heart of a pretty girl, keep the friendship or propose to your girlfriend...  you have to show them your heart, not only having it. There is no easy and cheap way, you have to spend time and effort. IT IS communication.
It's totally same in the business, to make customer trust us, or to make employees work hard and eagerly, we need to find the proper words, the media which embody the message. But those media cost no little money and the above-mentioned H is not happy at all about paying for them. He cut the budget of the section where I had worked for till last June, my ex-coworker complained to me about it today. Well... go to hell, H is one of the directors and he has an authority to decide.. even a wrong decision.

But... what distracts me most is not H's decision, but that most people seem having no understanding and respect for MY job, about the media and skill of communication, and it might mean that now with internet and e-mails the whole communication between people has become somewhat... cheap, effortless, less-heartfelt...

Sorry, it's just a grumble. I just want to complain some...
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