katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Blue sky

Sunday. Sunny. The sky is blue with no cloud. Just beautiful. I look up, find a tiny pale moon in the midst of deep blue.

I also see a tiny white thing flying far high crossing the blue sky. An airplane. Then think, how long have I not taken the plane?

Even during this long, severe pandemic I could have spent generally peaceful days. I love being in my garden, taking care of the small plants or weeding. Various colours and shape of flowers and leaves, our garden cats, my rabbit in my room… all these give me much joy. I’m happy enough in my house and garden. Still, since March of 2020 I have not traveled anywhere, seldom met my friends, never my foreign friends. My world has surely become far smaller. Sometimes I can’t help but thinking about it, and feel quite sorry. I deeply miss my travel days,
The most difficult thing is that we still can not have much prospect of the future. This pandemic has seemed to be going to cease and many people went back to their jobs, but now the new variant is threatening us all. The national borders are closed again, we shut ourselves up into our own countries.

My travels in the past, especially the foreign travels have taught me many things. I just hope I would be able to travel again in near future, before I’d get too old and become too lazy.
Tags: thought, travel/going out

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