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The end of the last Dec my former superior worker e-mailed me that they would hold a small New Year dinner on 17th Jan. They are the members who had belonged to the section where I also had worked for over 10 years so we were once very close. But it's many years ago when I could share my vision about the job with them, they are all nice people but not much clever, now I can't feel they are worth talking with. Recently I usually do not join their dinner.

So I'm not sure why I suddenly e-mailed the day before to tell him that I'd join them. I told myself that now the members are working for different sections so I would be able to get the information about their jobs. But the meeting will be probably a bit boring, the fee is expensive, the food might be good but not suit my taste, I might regret that I would have gone there, feel bad about the waste of time and money...

In the office I have never belonged to the majority, my sense, the way of thinking and doing the job is always somewhat different from other's. I have been accustomed to be a semi-stranger for years and usually I do my job by myself in my own way, I'm totally content with this situation.

But frankly, I know...sometimes I get tired of being an outsider, only sometimes want to pretend to be a very ordinary worker who always think like others and act like others, who is always eager to join the dinner with coworkers. Even a maverick could miss company.
So... today's evening I'll go to some restaurant to see my former co-workers. I hope it'll not become a terrible time...
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