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Lively Krurun is back! And the plan.

Krurun seems to have recovered from the gastrointestinal stasis now. Though she still have medicine twice a day, she eats well and poops well, runs around in my (and her) room. I can't say how relieved I am X)

In October we have had unusual warm days but today the weather has changed, it’s gloomy (the weather forecast says we’d have rain soon) and the temperature dropped.

Today I get a day off from my job for the meeting with the architect and a president of the small constructor which had built my house. Since this spring I have talked with them about the remodeling our kitchen. Now 7 and half years passed since the construction of this house, it’s been really comfortable life in it. Still we’ve found some inconvenience mostly in the kitchen. During this pandemic I couldn’t travel anywhere and no outing nor eating out, naturally I have saved some money - not enough for the remodeling but I have some savings and thought that I might be able to do it :) Also after these monotonous life of just-staying-at-home, fixing the inconvenience in my house seems to be quite nice.

So, in the morning the architect and the house builder visited here, they looked enjoying looking at our house which is the result of their works 7 years ago, and we talked about the plan in quite friendly mood. They’ll show me the detailed plan and the estimation in near future. I hope it might be the sum I can pay X)
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