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A holiday on seaside

Yesterday I took a day off and went to Zushi, a small and smart seaside town next to Kamakura - both are about 35 minutes train ride from Yokohama. From Zushi train station I walked about 20 minutes to the beach mostly through the nice residential area, the houses and gardens are nice to look at so I enjoyed walking. It’s fine and very warm for this time of year - it’s the reason why I chose yesterday, for I have wanted not only looking at sea but also kayaking on the sea!

It’s sunny and warm but it’s workday so there were not many people on the beach, no school children at all, just some local people were enjoying walking with dog or sunbathing in the quietude which I liked very much. It’s a small round sand beach, in this small bay there comes no real wave so no surfers there.
Some months ago I have checked internet and found a small marine-sports club very near this beach, they accept the visitors who want to try kayaking or other things.

I have enjoyed kayaking several times on my trips, but never tried it near my place. Also all of my kayak experiences were on the river, lake, or calm water in cove so I had no idea how might be kayaking on the sea with ripple. Fortunately the instructor was a nice young man, his explanation was easy to understand. There were no other customers then, just I and the instructor so I could enjoy on my own pace. The sky was beautiful with white clouds, the breeze, the openness on the water… It was just wonderful!

These are the photos of me on the water the instructor have taken with his smartphone.

Looking back the beach and town from the water.

The club is open all year, they say they can enjoy kayaking most in winter for the air is so clean. I might do this again in near future, maybe in winter too :)

And, of course, this is the first real outing for fun during this staying-home days. Recently the number of Covid19 patients has been decreased dramatically, and autumn is the best time to go out or enjoy sports etc thus many people now begin to move. I’m not sure at all if the Covid infection would cease in near future, we have to be still careful not to catch the virus. But with decent precautions against the virus, it might be OK to go out or meet friends now…
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