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vegetable price

In these days we can buy any food, vegetables and meat in supermarket and we seldom think about how they come to the shop shelves. Still they are the products of mother nature, if the weather is unseasonable then we have a poor harvest, and it is reflected in the price.

I go to the greengrocery twice or sometimes third times a week to buy green vegetables for Mr.Uma(!!) so I care about the price of them much. And recently they are soaring because of the latest low temperature. Of course vegetables are not expensive compared with other things like luxury foods or clothes so no serious problem for me, but when I think of the farmers and the people whose life rely on the vegetable market I feel a bit uneasy.
Any business is difficult and important, but as a resident of a big city I can't help feeling some kind of respect for the workers in Primary sector of industry, and I always hope the weather, this nature would be kind to all the people who is making the sincere efforts to get the fruits of this earth.

...11. Jan. 2012.  10 months after the disaster.
I worry about the fishermen and people of the marine product industry in Tohoku, for those area was the one of the biggest base of Japanese marine products industry...
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection

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