katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Cleaning the cage

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned Krurun’s cage. First removed many small equipments from it then took wire fence off the plastic floor, vacuumed all the dust then wiped every parts. And again made up the cage, put the stuff in it.

It’s a bit troublesome job so I have postponed it during summer X) But now it’s not hot nor humid so it’s rather fun to do this … though Krurun herself seemed to feel uneasy about it XD

“What are you doing with my house?”

“Is my house broken??”

It was fine, nice autumn day yesterday, at the end of the garden Hagi, Japanese bush clover has begun to bloom. Traditionally this is the most famous or typical autumn flower in Japan.

I put a small twig in a flower vase. I like the quiet beauty of this flower.
Tags: daily life, krurun

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