katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Smell of the grass

Today it’s cloudy, a bit dark day. But not much humid, the air was rather comfortable. The best weather for working in the garden. While I was doing my job at home mother was mowing the grass, using our small lawnmower. From the open window the comfortable smell of cut grass came into the room. It’s good.
The mower is small and mother needed to charge its battery once for every 30 minutes or so, thus she could not finish mowing, she has mown less than half of the garden. And late in the afternoon it has started raining. We can use the mower just when the grass is dry so we would not be able to mow the rest of the garden for a while.
In the slight rain the scent of fragrant olive is just wonderful, sometimes mixed with the smell of grass. And I thought… this is not the time for working with the computer X)

The tiny flowers of fragrant olive.
Tags: daily life

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