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It has been raining almost all day today, and cool. I did my job at home. Mother was going out for hours so it’s quiet in the house, just I and Krurun. Our two garden cats were curling into ball together at the end of our wooden verandah all day.

Though the weather forecast says that tomorrow it would be fine and the temperature would rise :( We’ll have hot days again, the remain of the summer heat.

This pandemic has shown how fragile our medical systems are, and how foolish our politicians are. Though the number of the Covid19 patients here is far fewer than many other countries, the hospitals have been filled to capacity and the medical system is nearly collapsed. Still some politicians declared the Covid crisis almost ended (!!! How? Where??? What does he see??) - they seem to live in the totally different world from ours. Just hopeless.

But even in more clever and sincerer countries they seem to have much trouble to recover their normal life. Really difficult situation. And yet we have many other serious and urgent problems in the world. Hard to know what is the best thing we can do - I mean, each of us ordinary people.
Since this pandemic has begun I have rather tried to focus on just “now” and on my own personal life, but we can’t live without the prospect of our future for ever.

Well… at least at the moment I should prepare for the revival of the summer heat :(
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