katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

what can I talk to my acquaintance?

Mr.K is a professional cameraman and a president of a small design company, I had done the various task with him many times. He is about 10 or 15 years older than me and we may not call each other a "friend" but we have had a good relationship for years. Now I have no opportunity to work with him but about once or twice a year we enjoy eating out together and talking about many things - correctly, we have enjoyed it before this pandemic :( He lives in Tokyo and I'm in Yokohama, kanagawa, now the authorities ask us ordinary people not to visit other prefectures except when we really need to, naturally we haven't met for more than one year.
But I think... if I'd make the opportunity to eat out with him, what can I talk with him? Nothing. During this last 18 months I have done nothing about which I can talk about - just staying home and giving up many things just like other people. Yes, maybe I can talk about our garden cats or about my rabbit - but it would take just 10 or 20 minutes :(
I'm afraid that this pandedmic has made me a quite boring person :(
Tags: thought

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