katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Weeding garden day!

Today it’s mostly cloudy with a little sunshine just sometimes and occasional shower. It’s humid but the temperature was not very high, so I decided to postpone my weekly house cleaning, went out to the garden. Because of the merciless summer heat then a rainy week we could not weed our garden at all for about a month, now the garden is… a kind of mess!! I chose the west end of the garden which is facing the narrow road, got rid of weed and trimmed the overgrown bush. It’s a big job! Then I weed the garden - around my rabbits’ graves. We have buried 5 rabbits there - Mikebo, Mr.Uma, Utako and my sister’s rabbits Tsuku and Noa. There is no tombstone for them but I remember well where we have buried each of them. I found some edible grasses (for rabbit!) there and picked them for Krurun.

I have worked in the garden for 5 or 6 hours and now in the evening I’m tired, but this physical tiredness is not bad. Tomorrow I’ll have to clean my room… X)
Tags: daily life, krurun, mr.uma, my dear mikebo, utako

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