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the gloomy future

The weather is still changeable. This morning the weather forecast said it would be fine, or cloudy in Yokohama today but around noon we had sudden strong rain, then in the afternoon occasional rain and some sunshine. Unstable.

And I have to say now I'm rather scared. The Covid19 infection is still spreading, very rapidly, now the ambulance crews cannot find the hospitals which can afford to attend the new patient - of any disease or injured. This is a horrible situation. At first glance our society might look quite normal - the shops are mostly open, the businesses are moving and there are many people in towncentre. But this is really an emergency, clearly no time at all to hold the Paralympics but again, the greedy IOC and the stupidest our government have no intention to stop it. It would take the social resources which should be used to save people's life. And there have happened many natural disasters caused by the continuous rain just recently. When our own people are suffering the government is going to have another sports festival. Just disgrace. Nobody trust the government now it seems, many do not obey the rules the government presents to us. This means, it would more and more time to stop this pandemic.

Recently I began to doubt if this would ever end. Our normal life is now gone, the new Covid variants appear one after another, most of us would survive but the unlucky ones suffer and die without enough care, and any of us could be that unlucky one. Yes, there are always the unlucky people who suffer and die, for example with cancer. But this situation in which the hospitals are all overflowed with patients is abnormal.
If this pandemic would not end, and we have to keep living with the virus, what can I do? Until when do I have to stay at home, no going out, no meeting people etc? With no prospect of future? I feel quite lost...
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