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Recently when I exchanged messages via internet with a certain friend, both of us have sent some… inappropriate words to each other, at the moment we have some awkwardness. I hope this would pass in near future, but I keenly realized that we had become more or less intolerant in this difficult time.

Since this pandemic has begun each of us has given up something, sacrificed something for our own safety, or for the greater good. And even when our mind understand we are luckier than other, I believe, everyone feels he has given up the most, made the biggest sacrifices deep in his heart, unconsciously, thus he has the fair right to complaint or criticise other’s behaviour. And also, everyone feels irritating, stressful, anger, despair etc of course. In such condition it’s really difficult to stay tolerant.

Anyway, recently i try to send messages by ordinary letters, not by e-mails when I can. Letters take more time to write and send, so I could be more… careful to choose the words.

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