katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Idle Christmas

Here in Japan Chiristmas is mostly a commercial event. With a little number of Christians and our usual flexibility to accept and alter the foreign culture, now "Christmas" means decorated show windows, fancy cakes, exchange of gifts and expensive eating-out, in short a big opportunity for every retail business. Some people might frown at this situation, though anyhow this "event" gives us a chance to meet our friend at this end of the year.

On the 20th Dec my best friend and her husband visited my house, we had a sort of party. Not a party, accurately. For none of us was a good cook we bought some food and drink, and we just enjoyed to sit and eat and chat, be easy & lazy - my friend's husband was napping for a while - and playing "scrabble" for hours. It was a idle day I confess, but very important day for three of us all. Usually we don't have enough time to be easy, with our jobs and with so many things to do, to think, to decide, being just idle is a great luxury. Also this idle meeting is a opportunity to confirm our friendship once a year, so we have continued with this "Christmas party" for years.

May the joy and happiness visit all of my nicest friends whom I cannot meet every December, whom I miss frequently.
Wishing you all a great holiday season!


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