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In towncentre

This afternoon I went out for I had something to do in towncentre. I took the local train and visited the shopping area near Yokohama station … and was surprised to see the crowded shopping building, many customers!! Yes it’s Sunday afternoon, it’s natural that many people enjoy shopping or eating out … if it’s not the midst of the pandemics. Really, it seemed the ordinary Sunday towncentre before pandemic. Of course everybody wore masks, still to me who has tried not to go out as much as possible for more than one year, it was an unbelievable sight. So many people were enjoying their ordinary weekend outing, are their outing really essential? But it’s important for the economy, those many customers surely help the local shops. And when the government are going to held Olympics, let thousands of foreigners enter this country without even proper quarantine, how can we blame these ordinary people enjoying shopping? But of course, in such circumstance it’s quite natural that the number of newly infected people is increasing…
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