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Thought about nightmare

This morning too I woke from bad dream. Recently I often have unpleasant dreams in early morning, and wake up with uneasy feeling. Really tired of them…

When Covid19 pandemic began the company I work for asked us all employees to check the body temperature every morning, and if it’s over 37.5°C we won’t go to the office and stay home. Since then I have checked my temperature when I wake up every morning, now it’s become a kind of habit I do almost unconsciously. Though sometimes I feel this is strange, I can’t remember well how was my morning when I didn’t need checking the body temperature and think when I would stop this habit. When the time comes we don’t have to mind our temperature, don’t need to wear mask… I might feel rather uneasy, we are now so accustomed to fear what we can’t see with our eyes.

Our life has so much changed for over an year and nobody knows when we can recover our “usual” life or if we can recover it or not, I sometimes feel like this is not real. Because my own life has not got much damage (fortunately!), this situation seems more inconceivable.

From the first I have talked to myself that any pandemic would eventually end, it will surely be gone someday. So we should be careful and hold on. This might be a terrible nightmare but we’ll eventually wake from it. But recently I can’t help but feeling like that when we’d wake from this nightmare we might find ourselves among the ruins, on the burnt ground after a big fire, figuratively. Like after the war. Yes this is not a good metaphor, nobody is bombing or shooting us, this might be an insult to the war dead. Though for us Japanese, having the stupidest government going to hold the Olympics during the pandemic, the situation could become the worst disaster.

Meanwhile, we saw the democracy and the freedom of people were easily terminated in HongKong, in our neighbouring area. They say China is slaughtering the ordinary people in Uyghur autonomous region. So much unreasonableness, cruelness, meaninglessness in this world, and very near to us.

“He felt like a man who had dreamed all night of falling over precipices, and had woke up on the morning when he was to be hanged.” - G.K.Chesterton
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