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Summer solstice

The situation here in Japan is confusing and disgusting. The epidemic is as bad as before, maybe not much worse still every day we count some hundreds of newly infected people and dozens of death even with many regulations. The government is now loosening the regulations to tame people’s discontentment still many businesses are stopped or have serious problems which have damaged many ordinary people’s life. And at the same time, the Olympic athletes and staffs are given every priorities, the rules for them seem to be too loose, unscientific and unrealistic. Nobody knows why our PM and the government are so desperately want to held Olympics in the pandemic, even with clearly predicted risks. They have never showed the convincing explanation and the decent plans with logical, scientific and realistic manners and not listen to the warning from every doctors and scientists, really, not at all. Just unbelievable and disgusting. Some thoughtless people seem to be looking forward to that stupid commercial sports festival now, but many Japanese are seriously afraid of the inescapable fatal result of the event. Because the authorities are now desperate to “prepare for” Olympics, the vaccination is advancing - this is good, still I expect I’d be able to have the first shot after August. Too late.

Well, so, in such gloomy situation I often feel blue and feel little motivation though I try to focus on my life every day. Today too, since early morning I have felt blue. So I went out into the garden and did some physical exercise. This worked a bit and I felt a bit better. On lunchtime I made a short walking in neighbourhood and listen to the beautiful songs of bush warbler. Good.
And today is the solstice, it would not become dark till 7pm so I have decided to make an evening walk after work. I finished my job at 5pm and went out, walked to the local park on the hill. The way going there is ups and downs… a bit tough, but from the road in hillside residential area I could see wide sky, and the sunshine was still strong…
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