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last workday

29th Dec. The last workday in 2011.

The end of the year and the beginning of the new year is one of the longest holidays in Japan. Many people like the workers of the public transportation or big shops are working during this period but most of the offices and factories are closed from 29th or 30th Dec to 3rd Jan. On the last working day (28th or 29th Dec) many office workers clean the whole office room and end the work earlier than usual, and on the first working day(4th Jan) some of them make a round of courtesy calls so on these 2 days we, many of us - ordinary office workers - enjoy some unusual, some holiday-like atmosphere.

This morning I found the commuter trains, the station, and the streets were not crowded for many people are already on their holidays. In the office my co-worker has been trying to clean out her desk from the morning, to dispose of all the papers she had kept for months. I'm a new comer in this section so thankfully don't have many papers to throw away this year :} !

The end or the beginning of the year, a job is a job. Still there seems to be difference. We hope to finish the job neatly and start the new year with "fresh" mind. Maybe we need to break with the old year, never forget, but change our mental attitude and start again for the future, especially this year...
As for my job the last half of 2011 was really disappointing. Maybe it's partly my own fault, I couldn't find the proper way last few months. X(   In coming Jan my boss will move to another section and we'll have another superior, I expect it will change the situation, hope to find the joy of the work again.
We work, of course, for the living, but also, we should enjoy our job, to make good use of our skill and talent, and contribute to the society through it. I have some plan I'd like to try in my current section so next year... I hope to challenge them.

This afternoon we cleaned our desks and shelves etc, closed the office about 3p.m. It's good to leave the clean office :)
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