katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Prepare for summer

Today we have sunshine since early morning, and this strong sunshine let us know now we are in summer at last. Hot, humid and exhausting Asian summer has begun.

Practically, this is not real summer... the beginning of our summer is dubious, now we should be in the annual rainy season which is the start sign of summer but since last week we haven’t had much rain here. Still when it’s fine we notice the strength of sunshine and hotness which tell us this is summer season. Now, we can’t expect the real comfortable weather for months... except just some hours in early morning and early evening :(

Recently I have put the reed screens over the condenser units of the air conditioner to make shade...

Now I turn on the electric fun during the daytime but soon I would need to use the air conditioner especially for my rabbit X)

“I don’r like summer...”
Tags: daily life, krurun

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