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I can't believe! I was awaken by caw of crows this morning, and it was 3:30am!!!!!

A week ago, in the morning, suddenly I found many crows on the roofs and telgraph poles in our neighbourhood. They cawed each other, when one of them walk on my roof I could hear its rather heavy footsteps clearly. They were noisy, and of course all small birds which songs I have enjyed every morning were all gone! I don't dislike crows, rather like them. But it's when I see one or two of them. Having more than 10 crows at the same time nearby is not very comfortable.

There are many houses with some garden in my neighbourhood and we see not many but some small birds always, and some crows - just 1 or 2. Though never a flock of them. Till last Thursday.
This flock of crows might have lost their nests recently or wanted to move their territory. Now I see 10, 20 or sometimes more crows at the same time, mostly in the early morning. Around 10am they are all gone to somewhere but during the night they return to our neighbourhood and began to caw. Every morning! This past week I have waken up with their caw :(

So, because of the lack of sleep I have felt wreck today. I just hope they would find better place to stay soon ... not in our area!!!

(This is a photo I took two days ago.)

Today it’s raining rather heavily but fortunately the temperature is not high, this is a relief...
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