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The rainy season?.

Here in Japan after the comfortable early summer weather in May, the temperature and humidity rise, and in June we have annual rainy season which is the beginning of our hot, humid and severe Asian summer.

Today it’s gloomy with occasional light rain, we haven’t had real sunshine for some days. And the weather forecast says this might be the beginning of Tsuyu, our rainy season. In the most south part of Japan the rainy season has already begun. But it is still the middle of May... too early for rainy season! X(
Once it begins then we’ll have tough climate for 3 or 4 months. Maybe because of the global warming our summer is getting more and more severe lately X( (Incidentally, summer is the worst time to have the Olympic Games in Japan. Every Japanese knows it too well but they have decided to have it in midsummer. Needless to say the financial reason. From the first, this stupid Olympics was not “athletes first” at all!)

We have had difficult time for over 14 months... now the infection is spreading very rapidly, our government shows its helplessness, and that stupid Olympic thing. The coming rainy season would be the extra burden. Sigh...
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