katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Mint tea

Sunday. Fine, but very windy. The irises are in full bloom in our garden and all swinging by the wind.

BTW I have tried to grow mint at the end of our garden for years, wanted a small bush of mint which I can pick anytime in summer for pot of tea. They say mint has very high fertility and spread quickly. So I had made a small enclosed patch and planted small mint there ... some years ago. Though, I don’t know why but my mint has not survived :( Even now no mint bush X(
But this spring the apple mint which we planted last year appeared, not a bush yet but I can pick some leaves now :D So at last I can enjoy pot of mint tea!

My Swiss friend living on the beautiful hillside has a big bush of mint in her garden, whenever I visit her (except winter time of course) I enjoyed nice herbal tea with mint leaves fresh from garden. A pot of mint tea reminds me of my friend and nicest memories of my visit to Switzerland :)
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