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Grave digger again

I can’t believe now we are in May!! Anyway, we are now in the big successive holidays. The weather is generally fine but we are required staying at home. It’s not a big problem for me. For I don’t like the crowded place usually on this big holiday I don’t go out, mostly do something in the house or spend hours in the garden.
This morning it’s fine, very comfortable. But when I went out into garden I found something on the grass.

A dead bird. Yes our garden cats show their hunting skill again. Poor bird! I buried it at the end of the garden.

The cats didn’t mind that I buried it. Of course. They get enough food from my mother and don’t need to kill bird to eat :(

Now they prefer relaxing in the shade.

Drinking water from the water pot.

Recently mother has cleaned the pot ... she couldn’t find the survived rice fish so she changed water in it, bought the new rice fish and put them into the clean water. It’s fun to see the small fish moving in the water :)
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