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missing the opportunity

Spring. Though the weather is changeable it&s warm and generally comfortable. During the long winter I have thought that I might go out and do the things I have wanted to do when spring comes. One night trip to enjoy hot spring, visiting the big zoo with a friend, trying kayaking at sea, some eating out... If I'd be careful to wear mask or avoid the crowded places it might be OK, the outdoor activities were not much risky, I have thought. But now, in spring, the infection is rapidly spreading clearly because of COVID19 variants. Everyday the TV or internet report the large number of newly infected people, and how critical the situations are in the hospitals and about medical staffs. And they say the variants have the stronger infectivity and they bring more serious symptoms. To enjoy the above activities I need to take the public transportation and meet some people, and anywhere or from anyone I could be infected, and might bring the virus home. No. After such long endurance I definitely cannot take such risks. And my irresponsible act might bring more difficulties to the medical services, it's just what I never want.
Here in my country no law prohibits us from going out. Most of the businesses are still open for financial reason. Still my common sense chains me to my house.
Well... I can't complain. At least I have a nice house, garden, and my rabbit here. Everyone is suffering the same captivity all over the world. On these nice spring days I often feel like I'm missing the precious opportunities for good life, but many people might feel just like me at this very moment.

Cherry blossoms and carp-shaped streamer(the traditional decoration for Children's festival t the beginning of May) on the river I saw when I went out for walking this evening.
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