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The blood test again

Can you believe? It’s already the end of March, it means the first quarter of this year has gone, and what have I done during this three months? :(. And no prospect of the future...
Well, I’m not sure if it’s the reason or not, this morning I’ve felt gloomy. The fresh colour of trees and flowers in our garden couldn’t soothe me.
In the afternoon I finished my job earlier than usual to take Krurun to the vet. About two weeks ago she has had the physical checkup and the vet found one doubtful thing, he decided to give her certain medicine for two weeks. Today the vet did the blood test again, and the result was good! It seemed the medicine has worked, he found no problem.
On my way to the vet I saw some cherry trees. Cherry blossoms have begun to scatter, the fallen petals were dancing on the ground - they looked nice.
So... now in the evening I feel better.

The vet holding Krurun X)
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