katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Silent prayer

Today, I don’t know why but I’ve felt uneasy all day, could not concentrate on my job (at home). It has been 10 years since the Great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami, at 14:46 (the time of occurrence) I stood by the window silently, remembered the disaster. I myself have had little damage from it, though in that spring I couldn’t help but keeping watching the terrible images on TV - the Tsunami, fire, totally destroyed cities - for hours every day.
Today many TV channels and news sites on internet show the images taken 10 years ago, they make me remember the hopeless, poignant feeling I had had then and even now bring tears to my eyes at once. The newspaper says the disaster has killed about twenty thousand people, even now more than 2500 are missing(even now sometimes they find bodies, and DNA tests find who they are), and because of the nuke crisis in Fukushima more than forty thousand are still in evacuation. For them, for the ones who have lost their family or friends, the disaster is never be the past...

When I stood by the window this afternoon, I found our garden cats were relaxing in the sun. And I was filled with the gratitude for my current peaceful days, even in the pandemic.

Tags: disaster & resurrection

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