katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Soon, ten years

Now we are all in the great difficulty, in every countries. But we also do not forget our past tragedy. Soon we will have the tenth anniversary of the Great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami, and the nuke crisis in 2011 (3/11). Our newspapers and other media are full of the articles about the disaster, all of us are somewhat in solemn mood. For many people, the tragedy is still not the past, there are still great sufferings and pains.
I remember well how was my life on that fatal day, and how I have felt and what I have expected. We had thought that we had to change the society for the sake of the victims, it’s the duty of the survived ones. But how’s the reality? The society changed better? No I don’t think so. And now we are in another kind of crisis.
This is not someone’s fault, we just have to confront the disaster and do what we should do. Still, the fate is so... unfair, unreasonable.
I just take a deep breath, and think about our future.
Tags: disaster & resurrection, thought

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