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Bathtime for...

Last night, there was an accident.
In a word, I accidentally knocked down a mug full of hot chai onto the keyboard. Naturally, the poor keyboard was ruined instantly, I had to buy a new one - I ordered it via internet and the new one would arrive today. It was after 10pm last night, and they’ll deliver it to me today. What a convenient age we live on!

My sister’s husband is a kind of computer geek, whenever I find a problem with my Mac I ask him about it. Last night he suggested me that I’d have slight possibility to save the keyboard. Following his instructions I put the keyboard into tepid water (to wash the chai away from the inside). So, look at this rare scene, bath time for Macintosh keyboard!! XD

Then I dried it with towel, then with hair dryer.

Keyboard in its bathrobe XD

Now it’s in a plastic bag with some drier...

So at the moment I can’t do anything well with my computer without the keyboard(I’m posting this with my iPad), I have gone out and spent some time to weed the garden. Yes, now this year’s battle against the weed has begun!
But not only the weed, many buds on branches and some flower are showing up now.

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