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Looking at the new house

Today I went out, took the train for the first time this year! I visited some residential area in Chigasaki, a city located south-west of Yokohama. The purpose was the open house, to see the new private house made by the architect and the small construction company which had built my house 7 years ago. Recently I asked them about the renovation of my house(not the whole, of course, but some inconvenient parts), and to meet them, also I was interested in other people’s house :) , I went there.
Facing Sagami Bay on the Pacific Ocean, Chigasaki is popular place for surfers. The owner of the house is a surfer and this house is in the walking distance to the beach. The house itself was not big, but smartly built with woods, it’s fun to see the inside of the house.

And I talked with the architect and the chairman of the construction company about my house. The architect said he’d make the renovation plan, if we’d like his plan, then we’ll do it in near future!

After visiting the house and meeting them I walked to the beach. There were many local people enjoying walking, running and cycling for it’s fine and warm today.

(The beach of Chigasaki)

So this was a good afternoon outing, and good distraction from my recent “just staaaaaay home” life! X)
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