katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

On my birthday...

Now my birthday 2/9 is approaching. And this time of year is, most of time, difficult for me. On the birthday maybe I should feel thankful for I could have spent one more year safely. But it’s difficult for me not to think about how little I have achieved during 12 months around my birthday every year, so generally I feel blue and numb. Maybe one of the reasons might be that I don’t have my own family nor many friends thus no party or many gifts - though I don’t mean I want those things much.
So I’ve felt rather dispirited recently. But, well, at least this hear I expect a big gift on my birthday, a new rabbit! :) I hope she(the new rabbit is a girl) and I can make good friends.

Tags: daily life, krurun, thought

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