katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

The state of emergency again

The rapid increase of the number of infected people is really horrible during this week of the new year, it’s far far worse than the situation in the spring of 2020. The state of emergency was issued again today, at the moment just in and around Tokyo (including Yokohama) but clearly it’s needed in much more areas. This increase is clearly because of the people’s move during the end of year - then new year holidays, and our PM’s inability and thoughtless, irresponsible government has been making the situation worse.
I think many shops would shorten their working hours, especially restaurants and pubs... but we are quite unsure if how much this declaration is effective. Unfortunately there are always some irresponsible stupid people, and such people are now too accustomed to this pandemic and act quite... fearlessly, of course, until they’d got the virus! And, though most of the people are relatively careful still they are also accustomed to the pandemic and do not fear the virus enough.
As for myself, I already do my job at home most of days, go out just for essential shopping so my life would not change much. Still I feel really uneasy and unsafe. Maybe just like my friends in Britain and USA ...though American people seem to have more urgent ? problems X(
Tags: daily life, thought

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