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Now it’s the end of year. Though we should be quite careful about meeting people, I and my sister have decided to do our annual family gathering from 12/31 to 1/2 - my sister’s family visit here and stay with me & mother. This means, needless to say, we take risk of infection. My sister’s family live in Tokyo, we in Yokohama, our usual living areas are never overlap thus logically we should not meet. Especially, sister, her husband and their children will stay with us for 2 nights and 2 days in our small house, dine together and use the same bathroom, it’s difficult to keep the physical distance each other. I have known this from the first still we have decided to meet, so we just have to take the risk and responsibility. But during the recent few days I’ve been busy to prepare our gathering so not had much time to worry.
But today, most of the preparation has been done and I checked the news articles on internet to find the local government and other authorities warning against the family gathering or other meeting on this new years holiday, saying how seriously the current capacity of hospitals and human resources are tight, I suddenly found that I felt scaring. Shouldn’t we have chosen giving up the meeting (of course we should, logically)? But we really should have given up every annual fun on the new year’s day?
With such sudden hesitation I have spent some hours and now it’s already the last day of this year(I should go to bed 1 hour before). I hope our family meeting will be done safely but really, nobody can be sure about the safety. Any of our family members might have had the virus already. Thus my uneasy last day of this uneasy year has begun...
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