katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Jupiter and Saturn

This is the photo my sister has sent me last night. Jupiter and Saturn.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen these. My sister saw them via her astronomical telescope. When she was a teenager she has liked astronomy and bought a small astronomical telescope. When she was a university student she belonged to a kind of astronomy club and visited the countryside with her friends during the nighttime to see the stars many times. She said she took out her telescope after many years yesterday.
This is one of just a few things I envy my sister for, the knowledge of astronomy and the experience of looking at stars.

I have seldom seen the stars with my own eyes and never succeeded in remembering the names of them. One of the reasons is that I have lived in a big city with bright lights all night all my life, but another is I don’t have good eyesight, I have used contact lenses since when I was 18, and I take them off in the evening so looking at stars can not be my hobby (my sister has had good eyesight). A pity.
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