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Today in the office each of us were given a piece of chocolate, they were the share of the gift someone had bought on his holiday trip to Croatia, we heard.


My co-worker and I looked at each other. Whereabouts in Europe is Croatia?
...Well...maybe around Yugoslavia...?

Yes, it had been a part of Yugo, of course I knew it. When old Yugoslavia was disrupted I've watched the series of TV documentary about it eagerly, so impressed. But recently I seldom hear the news about those countries, I'm ashamed of that my memory became very hazy. And for my young co-worker "Yugoslavia" is just a name. She said she had heard of it but no knowledge at all, and who can blame her? She is still in her middle twenties.

Thus even such tragedy, such big event fades into history so soon - for outsiders. For most of us Japanese Yugo was so faraway country, Croatia too. But how about for their neighbours, Europeans...?
Tags: daily life, thought

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